We have a large experience in the complete information systems development and integrations:
  • defining project requirements
  • creating project architecture
  • applications development using the most modern tools and technology
  • testing and system maintenance
  • providing consulting services in the field of IT technologies

Why us

in project implementation in the United States, Canada and Europe, high standards and international rules and obligations, have led our company to the level of professionalism required to respond to your requests on the best way.

In our many years of work, we have developed a number of international projects in different areas and on different technologies, such as:
  • Web sites, Web portals and Web applications
  • business applications
  • Real-Time Systems
  • Automatic Process control
  • Embedded systems and applications

Custom software development

In addition to many years of experience in international projects, an outstanding team of young engineers and presence in Canada for more than 20 years, what makes us different from others is that you work with a local company but with drastically less investment.
If you are the company from Canada or the United States and decide to cooperate with our company in Canada, your benefits are multiple:
  • Business cooperation and highly professional product fully adapted to the American market.
  • Apply all legal obligations, such as the signing of the contract by the rules and laws of Canada and the United States, intellectual property protection and much more.
  • Research and development (R & D) can be fully utilized.
  • Payment on behalf of the company in Canada.
  • The presence of our engineers on your premises when necessary.
  • Monitoring the applicationsĀ development on our servers in real time.
  • Monitoring and processing requirements in real time (ticket system).
  • Difference time zone so that the development on ready-to-morning analysis of the same day in Canada and the United States.
From us you will get professional service as well as from any other Canadian or US company in your environment, by up to 50% lower cost.

Contact us, we will do our best to give you the service you expect.